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General information

What is Upply?

Upply is a digital platform, building a world where the Supply Chain is simple and frictionless for everyone. Upply has an ambition: to reset the fundamentals of the industry. We want to pioneer a better supply chain market.

What does Upply mean?

The name "Upply" highlights our ambition to enhance the supply chain. We want to “up” your Supply Chain: to improve it and make the process more streamlined and successful.

Who can use Upply?

Upply is a B2B platform for Supply Chain professionals. As a true business partner, Upply concentrates on providing transparent information and cutting-edge tools that empower carriers and shippers to make better decisions.

Contact & Customer care

Who can I contact for further information on Upply?

You can use the contact form and the chat service on our website or reach us through Upply’s social networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook).

Do you have a Customer Service?

Of course! Our team is 100% devoted to offering you the best service. Our Customer Service is present to support each user anytime and ensure you will never be disappointed by our platform.

User's privacy

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. Upply was launched after the GDPR implementation and was designed to check all the boxes of this regulation. Upply understands the prime importance of protecting users’ data and we are committed to ensuring its safety and appropriate use.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, at Upply, we know your data is important and sensitive. Simply ask us to delete your data or your account, and our team will do this for you.

How to change my password?

To change your password you must first login to your account then click on the "Settings" link in the left menu. Then you will see the button "Change your password" which will land you to a page allowing you to create a new password.

How do you use my personal data?

Your personal data is used by the company Upply in order to register as a member of this Website. With your consent, Upply will also process your personal data to send you notifications about our products and services. Your right on your data: - Users are entitled to access, modify and delete information collected concerning them. - You may obtain the restriction of processing of your personal data in certain cases. - You also have a right to the portability of your personal data. - You are entitled to give general or specific directives regarding your digital legacy. - You have the right to lodge a complaint with supervisory authority.

Feature - Benchmark

Is there any limit of benchmarks for the user?

10 benchmark requests are available for anyone coming on the website. To benefit from an unlimited number of requests, register for free.

How does the benchmark work?

Upply collects data directly from carriers, key partners and Upply users. With strong support from our Supply Chain experts and Machine Learning algorithms developed by our data team, we are able to understand in real time the effects of each factor on the final freight price.

Feature - SmartScan

In which format can the SmartScan reports be downloaded?

The SmartScan report can be downloaded as a PDF document. Stay tuned, as additional formats of documents should be available soon.

How long will it take to receive my SmartScan report?

If you use the provided Upply template, your SmartScan report will be ready in less than 10 minutes. It can be even faster (really fast, like 30 seconds!). Otherwise, if you directly upload an Excel sheet of your own, we will do our best to make it fit into our algorithm pattern. To do so, we may contact you for further information, which can take up to a few days, depending on the volume of reworking needed. This is why we encourage you to use the Upply template.